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Academy4Kids has been an authorised distributor for MALE Educational Software and Tutor Support packages since 2004, our CAI programs used have pioneered the development of computer aided instruction technology (CAI) for Maths, English and Perceptual learning.  The software is designed for value, speed and ease of use.  Essentially it is a high productivity software system capable of boosting a user’s performance and academic results in the shortest time possible.  Our specially designed programs have spread globally, helping millions of learners within schools, tutoring centres, private homes and professional service centres.


In 1983 Sarie and Charl Vorster set up an after-school education centre in South Africa to specialise in computer aided maths tuition.  They quickly realised that the programs available were not sufficient and so Charl introduced a new style of programming termed CAI:  Computer Aided Instruction, where the computer is used as a practicing device for Mathematics, English/Literacy and Perceptual Skills - they pioneered the use of this technology and its applications for tutoring in the class and at home.


Since then the programs have grown and embraced changes in technology to become much more than a piece of software to practice mathematics. As mentioned now covering English/Literacy and Perceptual Skills Building.


Our product is simple to use and fits easily into your child’s learning routine. What does this mean for the students using our learning systems? Their skills and abilities are enhanced, this gives them confidence in their learning, a thirst for knowledge and can make learning fun again.

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