• A complete CAMI Maths system with over 2000 different exercises, which create millions of questions with varying difficulty levels.

  • Dynamic Engine randomly sourcing thousands of questions.

  • Covers key parts of the curriculum across most grades from KG to year 12 general/extension 1 Maths.

  • Easy to use menu structure.

  • Autopilot moves student forward or backwards through difficulty strands and concepts, based on individual performance.

  • Mental and written computation and numerical reasoning.

  • Application of problem-solving strategies.

  • Courses can be set to mirror what is being taught in class.

  • Unique help feature which provides a solution for each and every question.

  • Assessment Facility.

  • Automatic marking – which can be disabled.

  • Search Menu.



Additional features?

  • Results are provided quickly and accurately. Children who progress quickly are, or become, eager, self-motivated learners.

  • Learners can visit and re-visit concepts not yet fully understood. This gives them the opportunity to master and retain the knowledge needed to further their mathematical learning.

  • The Autopilot feature intelligently adapts the exercise content and difficulty according to the student’s performance.  This ensures that students are given calculations which are challenging yet manageable.

  • Students are able to reinforce and test their own understanding while increasing their speed and accuracy in problem solving.

  • Learners progress at their own pace.