The EduSuite Report is a module which continually manages and monitors outcomes for each individual user. Compared to the bundled base report, this system provides vital information and statistics that can be used to monitor the student's progress, analyse problem areas and pinpoint issues which require further work. This powerful analysis tool is invaluable in understanding where attention needs to be directed in order to maximise results.



Report provides the following crucial information on student’s performance

  • Percentage achieved for each exercise

  • Number of sums completed

  • Number of sums correct

  • Date exercise was executed

  • Time exercise was executed

  • Time taken to execute exercise

  • Performance Index of each child

  • Performance Index is a ratio providing accurate information about the ability of each student

  • Statistical analysis of performance calculated over time

  • Comparative ratio graphs to analyse performance of students versus other users

  • Complete comprehension reports of both written and automatic responses


The key benefits are:

  • Information technology management system to stake holders

  • Total quality management system

  • Customised reports to meet local curriculum requirement.

  • Teacher reports at the touch of a button for students, parents and administrators

  • Historical reporting of each student for K-10 Std

  • Automatic backup of reports with easy interface for school administrators


Nine Types of Reports

  • List Report

  • Distribution Analysis

  • Progress Bar Graph

  • List Report with Grade Comparisons

  • List Report with Grade Percentage Comparisons

  • Outcomes Report

  • Specific Exercise Report

  • Specific Outcomes Report

  • Specific Exercise Report with Distribution Analysis

  • Summary