Thinking about choosing a course, here from some of our members and their experiences

Henirietta Ah Lam
Member since 2/2/2015

Henrietta has improved massively since starting with this Maths course and her school report has gone from 'sound' in December to 'high' with her Maths in July. In her very 1st report since joining. Thank you to all the tutors and for the support for Henrietta... Thank you!!!

Tasilua (Proud mum)

Rahul Lal
Member since 10/10/2011

As a parents we are very pleased with the membership. I believe this is one of the best investments we have made and is money well spent.

We acquired this online course for Rahul Lal in 2011 and have had no problems since. All the courses provided are tailored to further enhance the learning ability of the students and compliments well with their school curriculum. Also the tutoring support available is extremely helpful.

Our membership is now converted to a Scholarship scheme which means our son Rahul can use this until Year 12 with nothing to pay. As well as that it is also helpful for parents or anyone in the family who would like to practice their mathematical skills as there are a lot of exercises available. I would recommend this software and membership to any parent who wants to ensure their children do well in Mathematics. Thank you Academy4kids

-Raveena Lal

David Hawkes
Member since 26/6/2013

Modern education systems claim to be able to handle individual differences in children. However, with all the funds poured into making this a possibility in schools, the fact remains that no teacher has the time to address the individual needs of up to thirty two children before them in such a way that every child is appropriately assisted, much less to set homework which will address all of those individual needs.

Governments demand, as an economic imperative, that the vast majority of children be moved on with their cohort into the next level without regard to whether they have mastered the material in their current level. This sets many children up for continued failure as they are pushed through the education system.

Our eleven year old son has been working on Academy4kids Maths courses for about nine months. He came from a boarding school in India, and was socially and academically dislocated when he came into the NSW education system. It was about twelve months before we really knew just how much this dislocation was affecting his mathematical progress. His teachers, with the best will in the world, were unable to hold the rest of the class back whilst his individual needs were addressed. He was academically frustrated and his class room behaviour indicated this. We did not have any idea of the gaps in his learning.


Then we accepted a paid lesson by an Academy4kids trainer. It offered to locate the gaps in our son's mathematical learning and to fill in those gaps so that he would have a solid foundation for subsequent studies. The tutor support staff were able to find a level at which he could begin - a level at which he was comfortable but also where he was challenged to make progress.

He practises on his coursework for about thirty minutes, three to five times per week. The program calculates when he has gained a level of 80% or better over a particular time frame and then he is moved to the next level in his schedule. He is thrilled when he goes up a level because it represents real progress for him. His progress reports are sent in once per month for review by the tutor support staff, who make any necessary adjustments to his course so that his learning is kept challenging and efficient.

In terms of outcomes, his first school report was "Basic". Since our membership the program has played a part in helping him to value his education and to work hard especially on his mathematics. In December 2014 he had an all round achievement at school of "Sound". He went up a grade in mathematics in his very 1st semester. We are so glad to see he is happy and making progress in his learning.

The learning programs has taught our son to lose his fear of mathematics and to experience the joy of improvement in his learning. His progress is carefully monitored so that he is always receiving a new challenge. He is starting to see the importance of knowing how numbers work together. It is a regular discipline for us in the home.

-David Hawkes